The Association of Saints Church Radio Amateurs, Inc.

Look for the following ASCRA stations on EchoLink (ordered by repeaters and links first, then stations in callsign order):

Station Handle Location
WØYO-R Graceland University Ham Club ASCRA 146.73 Lamoni, IA
N4OLT-L Online Training, Inc. West Palm Beach, FL
AAØOS Jon Barney Lamoni, IA
KAØGFC Chuck Brady Boonville, MO
KA7ECY Harry Howell ASCRA - Oakville, WA USA
KA7VMA Dick Wynes Laramie, WY
KCØTSM Brian Fonseca Lamoni, IA
KCØVXR Blake Grundman Lamoni, IA
KGØII Bob Farnham ASCRA - Ames, IA
NØZY Steve Murdock Lamoni, IA
VK3AQN Fred Naylor ASCRA Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
W6LMJ Terry Redding ASCRA Powerbook G4, WPB, FL
WB2UJL Ernie Miles ASCRA - Durham, NC

Are you an ASCRA member who operates on EchoLink, and you're not listed on this page? Please email kgØ to let us know you're there! For more information about EchoLink,and to download the EchoLink client program, see

As a suggestion, when you set up your EchoLink client program, indicate you are an ASCRA station somewhere in the Location text field description, as you see in the station listings above. That way, it will be easy to find other ASCRA stations within the EchoLink client program. Use the Station -> Find menu (Ctrl-F) command in the Index View, entering ASCRA as the search string to find other ASCRA member stations.

You can also add these stations to your Favorites list when you see them online. To do this, right click on the station in the Index View and select Add to Favorites.

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updated 2/24/2007