1.      Pursuant to due notice, the Board of directors of the Association of Saints Church Radio Amateurs, Inc., met in annual session at the Community of Christ World Headquarters in Independence, Missouri on Saturday, April 19, 2003.  The meeting was called to order at 09:26 CST by President Ernie Miles.  In attendance were eleven members of the twelve Board of Directors as indicated below.  Terry Redding attended via conference phone line.  Jeff Winship was unable to attend.


2.      Hale Collins offered an invocation.


3.      Secretary Doug Shaw reported the results of the recent election of members to the Board of Directors as certified by the election committee composed of Dick Smith WA0NBY, Bill Shaw KB0CDD, and Doug Shaw WA0EMX. The newly constituted Board of Directors for 2003-2004 was accepted on the motion of Terry Redding and Bob Farnham as follows:


Reelected Directors:

Robin Cross, W0FEN

Bob Farnham, KG0II

Michael Hahn, KG0XU

Ernie Miles, WB2UJL

Doug Shaw, WA0EMX


Newly Elected  Director:

Chuck Palmer, N0ONN


Continuing Directors:

Gene Chadwick, K0BKZ

Hale Collins, W6RWH

Larry Oiler, N0BGG

Terry Redding, W6LMJ

Muirl Robinson, W8QK

Jeff Winship, N0OXK


4.      Secretary Doug Shaw assumed the chair for the election of president of the board of directors.  Terry Redding moved and Muirl Robinson seconded that Ernie Miles be retained as president by acclamation, which carried unanimously.


5.      Terry Redding moved and Bob Farnham seconded that Douglas Shaw be retained as secretary by acclamation, which carried unanimously.


6.      Ernie Miles reported that long time Treasurer, Jeff Winship has asked to be relieved of that responsibility.  Michael Hahn moved and Gene Chadwick seconded that Chuck Palmer, N0ONN, be was elected as Treasurer.  The motion carried unanimously.


7.      President Ernie Miles appointed Michael Hahn to continue as Executive Director for the 2003-2004 term.  Michael accepted and the board sustained the appointment.


8.      Secretary Doug Shaw presented the minutes of the previous meeting of the board held on 06 April 2002 for approval.  Bob Farnham moved and Larry Oiler seconded to accept the minutes which passed unanimously.


9.      Bob Farnham moved and Muirl Robinson seconded approval of the attached Secretary’s Report presented by Doug Shaw which was approved unanimously.


10.  Hale Collins moved and Bob Farnham seconded approval of the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Executive Director Michael Hahn which carried unanimously.


11.  Executive Director Michael Hahn then presented the attached Powerpoint report which was accepted by verbal vote.  Larry Oiler moved and Doug Shaw seconded a motion appointing Michael Hahn to form a committee to Review the By-laws and develop Mission Statement articulating the association Vision and Goals, which carried unanimously.


12.  There was no president’s report at such, but President Ernie Miles did make some comments of concern about ASCRA membership participation and the need to reactivate membership.




13.  Michael Hahn moved and Doug Shaw seconded a motion to suspend the By-law requiring 30 days notice to amend the By-laws which carried, allowing the board to resume its discussion of membership definitions “deferred” from the previous meeting 


14.  Bob Farnham moved and Robin Cross seconded a motion to remove all references to Associate Member from the By-laws, which carried.  The board then walked through the By-laws making the appropriate adjustments to the text.  Michael Hahn will distribute the revised By-laws to the board.


15.  Robin Cross requested the status of the long term registration of the ASCRA Internet domain name.  Bob Farnham responded that the ASCRA domain is registered but that we are at risk for losing it.  Bob will continue to monitor this implementation and report developments to the Executive Director and the board.




16.  Michael Hahn moved and Hale Collins seconded a motion to approve the 2003-2004 budget.  Following some discussion, Bob Farnham moved and Hale Collins seconded a motion to amend the budget as presented by authorizing up to $300 from the Wide Area Communications Fund for the possible purchase of Internet Linking software and/or firmware, which carried.  The amended budget adopted follows:


Bank                                    25

IN SERVICE                     600

Copies                                 50

POBox                                 40

Corp Licenses                      20

Misc                                     20

Insurance                            500

WACS                               300                  Total  1555


17.  Bob Farnham moved and Muirl Robinson seconded a motion to consider an amendment proposed by Michael Hahn at the 2004 meeting of the board of directors.  The amendment would create an ASCRA Endowment Fund to be added to Article V Fiscal Policy and Funds, Section 2 Funds, of the By-laws.  The motion carried.  If presented in detail at the 2004 board meeting, the amendment can be considered at that time.   


18.  Bob Farnham presented information about repeater stations and base stations connectivity via the Internet using facilities such as WIRES, ECHOLINK, IRLP (Internet Repeater Linking Project).  The following Internet URLs were noted as references for each of these..


ECHOLINK – http://www.synergenics.com/el/  (Windows) $134 per interface

WIRES – http://www.vxstd.com/en/wiresinfo-en/  (Windows) $180 per interface

IRLP – http://www.irlp.net/   (Red Hat Linux) $100 per interface


Bob noted that the Lamoni ASCRA chapter is currently using a WIRES interface, a commercial product.  ECHOLINK and IRLP are freeware but require hardware interfaces to connect a PC to radio equipment, that are reportedly available for purchase.  All three software solutions support internet connection to remote repeaters or remote base stations.


19.  The board discussed ASCRA member E-mail addresses and issues regarding when/how to share this information among interested membership while minimizing the SPAM risk.  No final policy was determined at this time pending further discussion and feedback from the membership.


20.  Gene Chadwick raised his concern about continuing as FCC TRUSTEE of W0SHQ suggesting an on site person would be better for all concerned. Executive Director, Michael Hahn, indicated that he would appoint a new trustee very soon.  While the board of directors has no official role in the appointment of station trustee, during a brief discussion it was suggested that the executive director assume the role of station trustee since he now works on site where the station is located at church headquarters.  No objections to this were raised, implying board agreement with the suggestion. 


21.  Michael Hahn moved and Bob Farnham seconded a motion that the Board of Directors recognize and show appreciation to Hale Collins for his outstanding dedication in publishing and serving as Editor of the association’s newsletter, IN SERVICE, and that a Certificate of Appreciation be presented to him at the next General Membership Meeting of the association in 2004.  The motion carried by acclamation.


22.  Doug Shaw proposed recognition of Melvin Francis’ service as a member of the Board of Directors for the 2001-2003 term.  The president directed the secretary to compose a letter for Melvin to that effect on behalf of the board.


23.  Doug Shaw proposed recognition be considered for Jeff Winship for his long service as Treasurer.  After a brief discussion, it was decided that another motion was unneeded, and that a certificate of appreciation for this purpose will be issued per the By-laws by the executive director.  The certificate will be prepared for presentation at the next General Membership meeting in 2004.


24.  Bob Farnham moved and Robin Cross seconded a motion to adjourn, which carried.


25.  Following a benediction the meeting adjourned.




Respectfully submitted,




Douglas Shaw  WA0EMX


Association of Saints Church Radio Amateurs, Inc.


March 27, 2004