Association of Saints Church Radio Amateurs, Inc.

    Annual Meeting Minutes of the Board of Directors

    April 26, 1997

    1. Pursuant to due notice, the Board of Directors of the Association of Saints Church Radio Amateurs, Inc. met in annual session at the RLDS Auditorium, in Independence, Missouri, on Saturday, April 26, 1997. The meeting was called to order at 09:05 hours, CST by President Ernie Miles with the following directors present:

    David Bland, KBØGR; Gene Chadwick, KØBKZ; Hale Collins, W6RWH; Robin Cross, WØFEN;

    Bob Farnham, KGØII; Michael Hahn, KGØXU; Larry Oiler, NØBGG; Ernest Miles, WB2UJL;

    Muirl Robinson, W8QK; Jeff Winship, NØOXK

      Not present were: Terry Redding, W6LMJ and Doug Shaw, WAØEMX.

      Larry Piepergerdes, WBØLYE was present as a guest.

    2. Robin Cross offered the invocation.

    3. Ernie Miles asked the Secretary for the results of the recent board of directors election. Michael Hahn presented the ballots received form ASCRA members to confirm official results of voting. He certified that the bylaws, which had been changed in 1996 to identify procedures for counting election results, was used as specified by Section 8.2.4. Members elected were: Gene Chadwick, KØBKZ; Robin Cross, WØFEN; Bob Farnham, KGØII, Ernest Miles, WB2UJL; Muirl Robinson, W8QK; Doug Shaw, WAØEMX. Ernie Miles asked the board members present to approve the election results. They were APPROVED by vote.

    4. Gene Chadwick assumed the chair for the election of president. Bob Farnham nominated Ernie Miles. No other nominations were made. Ernie Miles was ELECTED president by acclamation.

    5. Ernie Miles called for nominations for secretary. Gene Chadwick nominated Michael Hahn. No other nominations were made. Michael Hahn was ELECTED secretary by acclamation.

    6. Ernie Miles called for nominations for treasurer. Hale Collins nominated Jeff Winship. No other nominations were made. Jeff Winship was ELECTED treasurer by acclamation.

    7. Ernie Miles asked Gene Chadwick to continue to serve as Executive Director. Ernie asked the board to approved the appointment. The board voted to APPROVE Gene Chadwickís appointment.

    8. Ernie Miles rose and showed a framed letter expressing appriciation and commendation to Larry Piepergerdes, WBØLYE, for his contributions to ASCRA over the past 23 plus years. After showing the letter to the board members he presented the letter to Larry with personal remarks. Gene Chadwick and David Bland expressed their appreciation as well. After the presentation Larry was given a round of applause and addressed to the board his appreciation at having been a part of the association and being able to make a contribution.

    9. Ernie Miles called attention to the minutes of the 1996 meeting. Larry Oiler moved, seconded by Gene Chadwick to approve the minutes. Motion PASSED.

    10. Ernie Miles called for the report from the secretary. Micahel Hahn discussed (1) update on the Report of the Review Committee, (2) continuing work on the ASCRA membership roster, (3) ASCRA internet website, and (4) demonstration of website. Discussion ensued concerning the appropriateness of having the membership roster on the website with concensus being to not distribute via the internet. Bob Farnham moved, seconded by Larry Oiler to approve which PASSED.

    11. Ernie Miles called for the treasurerís report. Jeff Winship distributed to each board member copies of Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Report and Budget Report. Also distributed was a copy of a blank proposed budget worksheet. Jeff shared that he had renewed ASCRAís tax exempt status with the IRS. Hale Collins suggested that the Executive Director be responsible for developing a proposed budget prior to each board meeting. Gene Chadwick moved, seconded by David Bland to approve. Motion PASSED.

    12. Ernie Miles called for a report from the executive director. Gene Chadwick reported that WØSHQ was inactive. The 15 meter element on the HF antenna is in need of repair. He also commented that for all intents and purposes the packet station was off-the-air and that there did not seem to be any interest in it any longer. David Bland moved, seconded by Larry Oiler to approve. Motion PASSED.

    13. Ernie Miles asked for a report from the Central Stakes Chapter. Michael Hahn reported that the chapter had been experiencing a decline in activity due to low turnout. The chapter, in a recent meeting had decided to meet quarterly for "special activities". Field Day was main activity of 1996. Election of officers for 1997 was not held due to low turnout. Reported that local repeater seemed to be in good working condition and activity was high during morning travel time. David Bland added that he had been contacted that the city was looking to replace repeater space at the fire station with their own equipment and would like for CSCASCRA to abandon their space. David suggested that a new repeater sight might have to be found soon.

    14. Ernie Miles asked for a report from the Lamoni Chapter. Bob Farnham reported equipment concerns at their repeater sight. The chapter was meeting informally, with no regular meetings each month. Their Sunday net was still active with 15 to 20 checkins on a regular basis. Bob then gave a breif discription of the Independence/Lamoni 2 meter link and its progress to date. Link is still awaiting a curcuit board to interface the T1 lines to radios on each end of the link.

    15. Ernie Miles asked for Old Business. Gene Chadwick raised the question concerning the process for re-evaluation of the Indepedence/Lamoni link in light of the current delay in setup. Discussion ensued with alternatives to link as technically proposed. Bob Farnham reported that the setup was delayed due to not having the Fiber Radio Interface (FRI) in place. This was being hand built. Bob suggested that the board had three options. (1) sell unmade interfaces back; (2) Progress could realistically take place over next 12 months and completion possibly do-able; (3) Come up with alternative hardware system; (4) Come up with alternative link system, redo from ground up.Gene suggested that the board wait until 1998 board meeting before taking any official action. Concerns about insurance of link were discussed.

    16. Ernie asked for New Business. Gene Chadwick moved, seconded by Robin Cross the 1997 budget with the following appropriations:

              General Operating Fund

              As of 04-25-97                     864.08

               Transfer from Equity         715.20

              Total Available Funds     $1579.28


    Bank charges                        75.00

    General postage                  140.00

    IN SERVICE expense        400.00

    IN SERVICE postage         200.00

    Miscellaneous                     160.00

    Office supplies                      20.00

    Photo copy                            10.00

    Printing                               150.00

    Taxes & license                   15.00

    TOTAL                           $1170.00

     The motion was APPROVED.

    17. David Bland moved, seconded by Muirl Robinson the following:

      That the president appoint a committee, ad hoc, to explore, report, and recommend findings, the feasibility of fund raising through low-profile, or otherwise, participation in legitimate network marketing program or programs, and further, to explore and identify the appropriate IRS tax liability and reporting requirements for 501(c)3 participants.

      The committee is to meet and report to the executive council as quickly as possible who is herewith authorized (Section 20.3. of the bylaws notwithstanding) to reserve the Associationís future participation by a signed application in a specific program or programs provided that such action does not commit, or obligate the Association in any way, until such time as the board of directors can make an educated and considered decision to approve the Associationís further active participation and the degree and method of the Associationís participation.

     Gene Chadwick OBJECTED to consideration of motion. Ernie called for a vote. Results of vote were:

      4 objected to consideration

      5 opposed objection

      1 abstention

    Objection to consider DEFEATED.

    After some discussion David Bland, without second, amended motion to change from "executive council" in first line of second paragraph to "board of directors", and delete all words after "as quickly as possible" in first line of second paragraph. After further discussion motion FAILED.

     18. Bob Farnham moved, seconded by Hale Collins, that the meeting be adjourned. Motion PASSED.

                Respectfully submitted,

                Michael J. Hahn

                Secretary, ASCRA, Inc.

                CC: Board of Directors